4th International Symposium on Weeds and Invasive Plants - May 18-23, 2014 in Montpellier France - Header


Conference topics

Biology and Ecology of Invasive plants
- Trait-based approaches
- Species invasiveness and habitat invasibility
- Impact of climate changes
- Mapping risk area
- Phenotypic plasticity along environmental gradients
- Genetic variation, local adaptation and hybridization of alien species

Impacts on biodiversity, agriculture and health
- Measuring impacts on ecosystems and ecological processes
- Measuring impacts on plant and/or animal communities
- Measuring impacts on crop production or quality
- Economic assessment of biological invasions

Management of invasive plants
- Early detection and rapid responses (EDRR)
- Regional strategy, policy and legislation
- Prioritization tools and weed risk assessments (WRA)
- Biological control
- Mechanical, chemical and integrated control
- Measuring performance of invasive plant eradication

Perception of invasive plants
- Human perceptions of invasive alien plants
- Codes of conduct and implications of the gardening industry

Provisional abstracts submission deadlines:
- March 7 to be considered for an oral presentation (after this date, submissions will only be considered for poster presentations)
- March 21 for poster presentations (no new abstract submission will be considered past this date)

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